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Background and Philosophy

BPO Ltd had its beginnings in 1999 when Trident Monitoring Services Ltd was formed. The Company has grown in size and capability and in late 2007 the Company name was changed to BPO Ltd. We now offer a wide range of technical services as well as environmental consultancy and engineering.

We are involved in long-term projects in the dairy industry, innovative waste minimization projects in other food processing industries, trade waste monitoring and management in a variety of industries (screen printers, truck washes, meat processing, blood processing, hospitals, dairy processing, concrete suppliers, yeast manufacturer), flow measurement and water quality monitoring for local authorities, loading surveys, resource consent applications, pH correction systems, wastewater treatment advice, environmental engineering and project management and much more.

Our company values are to:
  • Develop long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Be known for integrity and practical expertise.
  • To provide the client with the right data to support the right decisions and enhance environmental management.
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